Journal of Modern Italian Studies

The Journal of Modern Italian Studies was founded in 1995 to stimulate the study of modern Italian society and make the best scholarship on Italy available to an international readership of specialists and non-specialists working in a range of disciplines.

The JMIS examines Italian history, politics, economics, culture and society, ranging from the eighteenth century to the present. The work of historians, political scientists, anthropologists, sociologists and economists is featured, along with specialists in other areas, such as cultural studies, whose work sheds light on Italian society.

This new journal comes at an important time for Italian studies. The fact that Italy is currently in a period of major political and cultural upheaval makes the study of contemporary Italy particularly interesting, and also calls for a reconsideration of many long-accepted views of developments of Italy in the past. In this context, the journal makes the latest scholarship on Italy available to a broader international public and plays a major role in shaping scholarly debate on modern contemporary Italy.

JMIS publishes the work of Italian and non-Italian scholars, and is particularly concerned to develop comparative studies that place the Italian experience in broader international context.

The JMIS is a peer-reviewed journal. Italian authors may submit their manuscripts in Italian. Should they be accepted for publication, the JMIS will provide for English translation.